Corona Virus/ COVID 19 Policy




In light of the current CoronaVirus situation in the UK we have develped an appropriate policy to protect us all. 

You may have booked a workshop on behalf of others as well as yourself, so I would ask you to forward this information to any other people in your group so that everyone can be confident that we are following best practice.  This is to keep us all fit and well and to protect ourselves and any relatives / friends of ours who are more vulnerable in the wake of this health scare, so that we don’t inadvertently pass on any germs etc.  

The workshop has many tools that are shared with others in the same class and although these will be clean they may be handled by several people during the session.  Therefore we have tried to come up with some working guidelines to reassure you of any concerns you may have by participating in our workshops.

All classes WILL be going ahead AS PLANNED unless you hear otherwise and we will introduce some guidelines regarding the use of shared workshop equipment, keeping any potential health risks to a minimum.  The workshop will be cleaned before and after every session with anti-bacterial products and the handles of all tools wiped down.

Any missed classes due to you feeling unwell WILL be made up on future dates, no-one will miss out on the time they have paid for in the workshop and I will endeavour to make sure that these dates are when you are able to attend.  Due to the small nature of the classes I am unable to offer refunds but will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s schedules.  

No-one knows how this will affect us going forward in the next few weeks and I just want to re-assure everyone that classes will go ahead as planned unless you hear otherwise, but if you’re feeling unwell or unable to participate then PLEASE STAY AT HOME. You won’t lose your time as it will be made up at a later date that is suitable for you.

I have bought as many anti-bac wipes as possible but due to low stocks in the shops it would be helpful if you can provide some wipes/ handwash/ tissues for your own use (if possible).



• If you feel unwell please let us know and sadly we ask you not to attend the class.  Your session can be re-booked for when you are feeling better .  

If you have travelled from one of the affected areas in the previous 14 days then we ask that you rebook after this time.

• Whilst in the workshop please wash your hands often. 

• We ask you at this time to bring your own Apron, if you have one. 

• have a tissue or hanky with you (provided by us) some tasks create dust that can cause sneezing. 

• You will be using shared tools, so we recommend a rub down with cleaning liquid provided to avoid gathered dirt/germs on surfaces.

• We clean the surfaces before and after every class but also provide cloths to wipe down if you want to. 

• you can bring your own face mask if you have one and want to wear it.

• Whilst you can wear surgical gloves (provided) this may impede natural touch/feel – washing your hands more often is a better deterrent in a creative workshop 


• There will be boxes of tissues at each work station. 

• Wash your hands in hot soapy water the start and end of each lesson AND after handling any shared tools.


• Please select a cup that you will use all the way through the workshop  – cups are deep cleaned before and after the workshop.

• Milk will be supplied in small bottles to allow us to provide freshly opened bottle per session. 

• Drink plenty of water – we have disposable water cups by the sink – please throw in the recycled plastic at the end of the session. 


• We have stopped provision of biscuits in shared packs

• Please bring a snack of your own choice with you to the session – ideally one that does not need to be refrigerated but we have a shared fridge if it is in a sealed container/ packet. 


• We have one shared toilet.

• Please wash your hands after every trip.  Disposable towels will be provided and you will need to make sure the used ones go straight into the bin.

• We are happy for you to wipe down surfaces at any point.


Sadly hugging and kissing and high fives are out at the moment – just be aware some people will not want to touch!  

We can “bump” “elbow nudge” “jump in unison” “kick feet” instead!   

These guidelines have followed the health advice available today and I may have to modify them in light of any new information.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

On a last note,  you will be happy to know that silver is anti-bacterial and actively destroys germs on its surface, that’s why the Millionaires always had plates, cutlery and jugs/ hollowware made from solid silver with the middle classes opting for silver-plated items. 

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

All the best, Karen