Spinner / Stacking Rings

From: £80.00 (per person)

Come along and make a spinner or stacking ring in this 5 hour taster session!

This session will run from 10-3pm with a 1 hour lunch break. Please bring your own packed lunch.

NOTE: All sterling silver, tools, materials and tuition are included. Fewer than 4 participants on the course means it is at the tutors discretion whether the class runs. Please read the full Terms of Booking, and particularly the REFUNDS policy within those terms BEFORE making your booking. 


Stacking rings are a great accompaniment to anyone’s jewellery collection. They can be worn every day to compliment your other jewellery and you will have the added pleasure of knowing you made them yourself.  You will learn how to measure, mark and cut accurately, solder using hard silver solder and gas torches, hammering and forming, filing and polishing.

Spinner rings are actually two or three rings in one.  The largest ring is made to size and then textured by embossing: Two thinner rings are then made to fit over this.  The large ring is then stretched at the outer edges to keep the thinner rings spinning around the centre. Also known as a fidget ring it helps to alleviate stress by allowing you to fiddle and turn the rings around.  Of course, crafts and making themselves are also known to alleviate stress so this ring will benefit you twice over! Come and make a spinner ring to keep you calm and indulge in some making therapy.

After completing this taster session, you can take one of my courses to continue to improve your skills.


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